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Chris is an extremely dedicated creative. He loves the craft of the creative process and I have always been impressed with his ongoing interest to learn and grow. Chris will go above and beyond to get the job done!
— Shelley Rojas, VP Creative, SUCCESS Partners

Chris "gets it" and gives me what I want and need, even when I don't do a good job explaining the job requirements. Chris single-handedly set the themes for the visual brand and I couldn't be happier with his work.
— Scott Rozell, President, 240Tutoring

Chris is a great talent. I had the pleasure of working with Chris in various capacities for over four years . During all these years, Chris always proved himself to be extremely competent, professional, and as someone who would go the extra mile. He takes significant pride in not just meeting...but exceeding expectations. There were countless occasions over the years when Chris would take on additional responsibilities beyond those specified by his job and deliver on them to an extremely high level. His experience makes him an invaluable member of any team. I strongly recommend Chris, anyone who has him on their team has a rockstar!!
—Carl Waters, Creative Director, W Creative

Chris is an exceptional individual that is highly talented and creative!! Chris and I have worked together regularly and he always takes the initiative and goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is a great teammate and a pleasure to work with! He is definitely an asset to any team!
— Raley Zebrauskas, Owner, Venture Equine Solutions

Through hectic schedules, constantly-evolving environments and seemingly impossible deadlines, I could always count on Chris to deliver. I appreciate the consistent collaboration throughout often overlapping projects, and his always-open line of communication with multiple departments and team-members. Chris is able to quickly identify the objective of any particular marketing piece and deliver beautiful, design-rich results accordingly and effectively. 
— Jessica Matos, Marketing Manager
I consider Chris to be a creative thinker and talented designer. He has ambition and a strong work ethic. He aspires to be a strong contributor to the goals of the business through effective leadership while offering creative solutions that maintain a proper focus on the communication goals. Chris is a dedicated talent who is consistently developing his skills. 
— Carolyn Corporon, VP of Marketing
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